Come on in. Welcome to Semproniana, where you’ll discover cuisine that’s delicious and surprising, bringing tradition together with innovation. But come above all to enjoy your time with us. You’re welcome to ask for Ada your host, she’ll always be here for you.

Our menu is just for you! Dishes to share, or to enjoy on your own. Depending on your appetite or what you really want to eat.

Choose a sizeSMXL
Crispy fried egg  Gluten Free€5.00€9.25€12.50
Steamed smoked mussles  Gluten Free€10.50
Stuffed potatoes with sobrasada  Gluten Free€4.70€7.20€10.50
Big macaroni stuffed with black pudding€4.70€7.20€10.50
Traditional croquette€4.70€7.20€10.50
Shrimps Tartar  Gluten Free€9.90€18.00€25.00
Childhood gratin pasta€9.00€13.50
Our most famous black rice  Gluten Free€5.50€9.00€13.50
Bread with tomato and ham€17.00
Cuscus salad with fresh vegetables €5.50€9.00 €13.50
Spanish no traditional omelette  Gluten Free€10.75
Scallops with mushroom, ham and sea-urchin Gluten Free €7.50 €12.70 €18.50
Octopuss with spicy vegetables  Gluten Free €6.70€12.20 €17.50
Cod with honey and rosemary  Gluten Free €12.50€20.00
Fresh tuna with spicy touch  Gluten Free €9.90 €18.00 €25.00
Roasted lamb with button potatoes  Gluten Free€16.00
Duck's breast with orange and anissette  Gluten Free€9.00€14.00€22.00
Duck's liver with parmiggiano ice-cream  Gluten Free€14.50€20.00€30.00
Filet of beed cooked at table  Gluten Free€15.50€22.00
Roasted tender pork ribs  Gluten Free€7.50€11.00 €20.00
Catalan sea and mountain   Gluten Free€9.20€13.50 €20.00
Fish from the boat of the day  Gluten Free €23.00
Bread   €2.75

We have lettuce, tomatoes, carrots... If you want a salad we can make it without problems!

Lunch Special

Available from Monday to Friday except holidays

Steamed vegetables
Pumpkin soup
Scrambled eggs with salmon and mushrooms
Green salad with fresh cheese and beetroot
Baked vegetables with tuna
Catch of the day
Veal liver with onion
Turkey breast with blue cheese sauce
Pork sirloin with mustard sauce
Vegetable cannelloni with cheese sauce Vegetarian

Dessert and water or a glass of wine

The 25th's menu

A selection of hits: the dishes that have lasted longer in our menu

Black venere rice with Maó cheese
Macaroni stuffed with black botifarra sausage
Exotic tartar of prawns

Rack of pork with Catalan-style sweet and sour

Top three desserts

See our other group menus



Hand-made croquettes
Cauliflower with coffee sauce Vegetarian
Big macaroni stuffed with black pudding (Vegeterian option: Veggie canelloni with red pepper sauce)
Black venere rice with Maó cheese Vegetarian
Pick one of the following:
Catalan-style rack of pork
White fish in its own juice
Couscous with vegetables and fried corn
A selection of three homemade pastries

Can N’Estruch, white. D.O. Catalunya
Marmellans, red. D.O. Montsant

The meal includes: coffee or tea, a bottle of wine for every three diners, waters and bread.
The meal does not include: aperitifs, soft drinks, beer and other alcoholic beverages.

Reservations: please send an email to semproniana@semproniana.net or call the restaurant directly: (+34) 934 531 820.


In 1993, Santi Alegre and I, Ada Parellada, rented a large space in the centre of Barcelona’s Eixample district. It had previously belonged to an old and rather beautiful publishing house that had just closed shop. So we substituted the books for menus and the letters for dishes, hoping to fill the place with baked sea bass, lots of black Catalan botifarra sausage and chocolate delirium tremens. And we called it Semproniana.