Come on in. Welcome to Semproniana, where you’ll discover cuisine that’s delicious and surprising, bringing tradition together with innovation. But come above all to enjoy your time with us. You’re welcome to ask for Ada your host, she’ll always be here for you.

Our menu is just for you! Dishes to share, or to enjoy on your own. Depending on your appetite or what you really want to eat.

Steamed smoked musselsGluten Free 11,00€
Big macaroni stuffed with black pudding 7,50€
Traditional croquette (1u.) 1,90€
Shrimps tartarGluten Free 18,00€
Our most famous black riceGluten Free 10,00€
Couscous salad with fresh vegetbles 9,00€
Scallops with mushrooms, ham and sea-urchinGluten Free 13,70€
Octopus with spicy vegetablesGluten Free 13,20€
Codfish and sausage stuffed artichokesGluten Free 13,20€
Fresh tuna with spicy touchGluten Free 19,00€
Roasted lamb with button potatoesGluten Free 16,00€
Roasted tender pork ribsGluten Free 12,00€
Dentex with roasted vegetablesGluten Free 19,00€
Chocolate cake 5,50€
Lemon tart 5,50€
Carrot cake 5,50€
Cheescake 5,50€

Gluten Free Estos platos pueden ser aptos para celíacos pero, por favor, avisarnos!

Lunch Special

From 6th until 10th july

Steamed vegetables
Chickpeas with codfish and spinach
"Ajoblanco" cold almond soup with apple
Potato and cabbage with bacon and black sausage
Green salad with salmon
Catch of the day
Pork sirloin with onion sauce
Beef stew with mushrooms
Chicken breast with tartar sauce
Spinach and seitan pastry Vegetarian
Yougurt with mango
Soft passion fruit cake
Cheescake with peach jam and fruit
Coffee pudding
Fruit salad
Nuts and orange cake

Semproniana: 17,95€ with dessert and drinks

Take Away or Delivery: 15 € + 5€ (delivery)

Clinic Hospital workers: 10€ (Take Away only)

The 3.0@ menu

A selection of hits: the dishes that have lasted longer in our menu

Black venere rice with Maó cheese
Little cannelloni stuffed with black botifarra sausage
Exotic tartar of prawns

Rack of pork with Catalan-style sweet and sour
Tuna with spicy peanuts

Top three desserts

Ditadit "Semproniana's homemade tapas"

A complet starter to complement with a main course or a dessert

Available from Monday until Sunday, lunch or dinner. Also for take away and delivery.

Bookings via our website, by email to semproniana@semproniana.net or by phone at 93 453 18 20

Our croquettes (1 u. chicken i 1 u . mushrooms)
Sweet potato "bravas"
Marinated salmon skewer
Duck confit and apple wrap
Beetroot hummus with crudités

15€ per person
(transport 5€)

2 people minimum


In 1993, Santi Alegre and I, Ada Parellada, rented a large space in the centre of Barcelona’s Eixample district. It had previously belonged to an old and rather beautiful publishing house that had just closed shop. So we substituted the books for menus and the letters for dishes, hoping to fill the place with baked sea bass, lots of black Catalan botifarra sausage and chocolate delirium tremens. And we called it Semproniana.