I am the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of the Parellada family of restaurateurs. For more than two hundred years we have been dedicated to cooking and serving food, whether for regular meals or celebrations of all kinds.

Ada Parellada. Granollers, 1967. Semproniana, Barcelona, 1993.
These are not the dates of my birth and death, not at all! I am very much alive, alive and kicking. But they are birth dates in both cases. The first is when I came into the world, and the second when I entered the world of cooking and gastronomy.

From ‘67 to ’93 I was baptised, went to school and learnt how to love. I also went to the movies and had friends, and even went out for dinner. From ‘93 to now I have gone a bit less to the movies, have studied less too, and dine at Semproniana, where my friends are the umbrines (a type of fish) and black botifarra, a traditional Catalan sausage. A totally different life spent amongst pots and pans, dishes and soup ladles. A lively second life, where I love to eat, drink and laugh. And I write about it too!
Eating, drinking and laughing come easy to me. Cooking and writing is something I sometimes do because I have to, though I always enjoy it.  

Our profession involves a real effort, day after day, bringing together flavours and people, conversations and foodstuffs, aromas and laughter, pots and pans and stolen kisses, all merging with the pulse of life.