En taper [In the Lunch Box]

Salsa Books, 2013

“Great ideas to make sure your lunch box gets home clean every day, without having to worry about how to fill it up again.” All you have to do is use dinner leftovers. We will eat and have a great time doing so, thanks to this recipe book full of easy ideas and little practical tricks that will turn your lunch box into a veritable food festival.

Per què alguns pebrots piquen i altres no [Why are Some Peppers Hot and Others Not?]

Ara Llibres, 2013

Why do we cry when we chop up an onion? How do we know if an egg is fresh without breaking it? Why does bread change colour when it’s toasted? The most common questions about food and cooking finally find an answer, thanks to Ada Parellada and Dani Jiménez.

Les receptes de Semproniana [Recipes of Semproniana]

Cossetània, 2012

At the age of twenty-five Ada Parellada opened Semproniana with her husband, Santi Alegre, and a friend and chef from Granollers, Joan Pluvinet. Here they celebrate their shared adventure with a collection of their favourite recipes: the dishes they opened the restaurant with, the ones they like best, the most daring, the most traditional and the sweetest of all.

Sal de vainilla [Vanilla Salt]

Planeta, 2012

Álex is a talented chef, though he’s sharp-edged and eccentric. Annette, a young Canadian, is sweet and inexperienced, but with a ton of ideas. Àlex and Annette, two matching hearts coming together, finding happiness in the depths of the kitchen. Biting, fresh and intelligent, endearing and enigmatic just the same, the pages of Sal de vainilla [Vanilla Salt] draw us into a mystery, into passion waiting to burst, with unconditional love for cooking.

Grandes chefs, pequeños cocineros [Great Chefs, Little Cooks]


Month after month, Ada Parellada reveals to us a special dish from a Michelin star chef, accompanied by a menu for children where one ingredient really stands out. Conceived to introduce healthy habits into our children’s diets, as well as to educate their sense of taste when it comes to gastronomy. Thanks to its great sense of humour and fresh point of view, this book draws kids in from the get go.

Com fet a casa [Just Like Home-Made]

Cossetània, 2010

More than a cookbook, this is a publication that will give you the gift of more free time. In it you will find quality, prepared products that will help you in the kitchen day-to-day, making sure you save time while discovering the full range of possibilities the food industry has to offer, with balanced, varied meal ideas for every day.

10 maneres de cuinar la carbassa [Ten Ways to Cook a Pumpkin]

SD Edicions, 2009

Ada Parellada’s family tradition has led her to turn the world of cooking into her entire life. In this book she proposes ten recipes for preparing pumpkin, an enormously simple product that is inexpensive and still rather underused. Nevertheless, as she shows us here, the possibilities for pumpkin are endless.

Cuinem [Let’s Cook]

Graó, 2008

What is food education good for? What are we trying to do with it? What are our objectives? How do we do it? This book is a wealth of basic food knowledge. For teachers and educators.

Més enllà dels macarrons [Beyond Macaroni]

Mina, 2007

In Més enllà dels macarrons [Beyond Macaroni], Ada Parellada tells us once and for all what children should be eating to grow up healthy, and what can be done for them to enjoy food along the way.

Es fácil que coman de todo [Easy Ways to Get Them to Eat Everything]

Sigma, 2007

If educating a child means preparing him or her for the future, why don’t we educate our children in something as important as their own health? Good food education is so important for getting and staying healthy.

La bona cuina catalana [Fine Catalan Cuisine]

Ara Llibres, 2006

This book brings together the dishes chef Ada Parellada considers to be irreplaceable on any Catalan table. And for finer tastes, she recommends the best restaurant to go if you want to try each one.

Dinars de taper [Lunch Box Meals]

LaButxaca, 2010

Can you eat at work every day without having to rely on last night’s leftovers? Is there any other option, beyond your proverbial improvised salad? Ada Parellada raises lunch box cooking to the level of gastronomy, proposing dishes that are delicious, varied and healthy, perfect ideas to take to work.

La xocolata del lloro [A Fount of Chocolate]

Pòrtic, 2005

Imaginative recipes with chocolate as the main ingredient or the perfect complement.

Tot fred [Everything Cold]

Pòrtic, 2004

When good weather comes it’s time to enliven our list of refreshing recipes. Ada Parellada suggests salads, soups and something more, making sure that the heat doesn’t take away our desire to eat.

Closques i castanyoles [Sea Shells]

Pòrtic, 2004

Twenty-odd recipes for fish and seafood from one of the most celebrated young chefs in the land. An ideal recipe book for the Christmas holidays.

Tocats del bolet [Mushroom Madness]

Pòrtic, 2004

Wild mushrooms are a world unto themselves. On this occasion we enter into this special world accompanied by Ada Parellada, a recognized chef dedicated to making sure we have fun cooking and eating.

Ous remenats [Scrambled Eggs]

Dèria, 2002

Ous remenats [Scrambled eggs] goes two ways at once. One direction is narrative, with twenty-four stories brought together as a diary revealing the adventures of Mac, a lively though rather stressed-out young woman immersed in the frenzied pace of daily urban life. The other part features more than fifty recipes.

A dinar! [Let’s Eat!]

Columna, 2004

A dinar! [Let’s Eat!] is an easy, practical recipe book to encourage children to eat a wider variety of food. In it you’ll find everything, from the most traditional fare to the most innovative ideas: everything full of tricks to get youngsters to eat vegetables, fruit, fish and more. A book for every family with children.

Per fer la truita, cal batre els ous [To Make the Omelette, You Have to Whip the Eggs]

Graó, 2010

A perfect book for introducing adolescents to cooking. Great for ages 12 to 18, for those who still haven’t started cooking and those who have. In this book Ada Parellada — one of the most prestigious chefs in the country — clearly explains forty-five recipes in her own words, offering ideas that will change the way of thinking of everyone still reticent.