Our menu is for everyone! Dishes to share, or to enjoy on your own. Depending on your appetite or whatever you really want to eat.
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Crispy fried egg  Gluten Free€5.00€9.25€12.50
Steamed smoked mussles  Gluten Free€10.50
Stuffed potatoes with sobrasada  Gluten Free€4.70€7.20€10.50
Big macaroni stuffed with black pudding€4.70€7.20€10.50
Traditional croquette€4.70€7.20€10.50
Shrimps Tartar  Gluten Free€9.90€18.00€25.00
Childhood gratin pasta€9.00€13.50
Our most famous black rice  Gluten Free€5.50€9.00€13.50
Bread with tomato and ham€17.00
Cuscus salad with fresh vegetables €5.50€9.00 €13.50
Spanish no traditional omelette  Gluten Free€10.75
Scallops with mushroom, ham and sea-urchin Gluten Free €7.50 €12.70 €18.50
Octopuss with spicy vegetables  Gluten Free €6.70€12.20 €17.50
Cod with honey and rosemary  Gluten Free €12.50€20.00
Fresh tuna with spicy touch  Gluten Free €9.90 €18.00 €25.00
Roasted lamb with button potatoes  Gluten Free€16.00
Duck's breast with orange and anissette  Gluten Free€9.00€14.00€22.00
Duck's liver with parmiggiano ice-cream  Gluten Free€14.50€20.00€30.00
Filet of beed cooked at table  Gluten Free€15.50€22.00
Roasted tender pork ribs  Gluten Free€7.50€11.00 €20.00
Catalan sea and mountain   Gluten Free€9.20€13.50 €20.00
Fish from the boat of the day  Gluten Free €23.00
Bread   €2.75

We have lettuce, tomatoes, carrots... If you want a salad we can make it without problems!


Ada Parellada and the Semproniana team offer a richly-varied menu featuring traditional Catalan dishes open to other cultures as well, all prepared with high-quality products.
“We dream up and cook every dish with the hope of surprising you, trusting that you’ll enjoy the cuisine and have a good time in our company.”