Menu Specials

Lunch Special

Available from Monday to Friday except holidays

Steamed vegetables
Salad with chicken, artichokes and kimchi dressing
Scrambled eggs with mussels and spring onion
Red lentils curry
Cod stuffed piquillo red peppers
Catch of the day
Pork loin with anchovies sauce
Round rabbit stuffed with spinach
Veal liver with onion
Potato and cabbage casserole Vegetarian

Dessert and water or a glass of wine

The 25th's menu

A selection of hits: the dishes that have lasted longer in our menu

Black venere rice with Maó cheese
Macaroni stuffed with black botifarra sausage
Exotic tartar of prawns

Rack of pork with Catalan-style sweet and sour

Top three desserts

No menu

Menut (Small)

A grand menu in small format

A selection of six first courses
Half-portion of market-fresh fish
Half-portion of duck's breast with orange sweet and sour sauce
Black and white chocolate dessert


85,00 € per couple 

Available the night of 14th February 

Crispy fried egg
Foie gras heart
Perfum (Penedès)
Mussel with passion fruit foam
Soft and sensual sea ​​urchin cream
Carisma (Alt Urgell)
Fish with prawns sauce
Duck preserve and vegetable little bundle
L'Estel (Terra Alta)
Kisses time
Cava Rovellats


For all tastes. Even customised! Using quality local products. For years now Ada Parellada and the Semproniana team have been offering creative dishes you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.