Hands in the Dough. Only for groups!


In this workshop we learn to make bread and do erotic massages, sensitising our hands by kneading the bread dough.



Hands in the Dough is a workshop offered by Semproniana restaurant with bread and sexuality as the main themes. Directed by Ada Parellada, restaurateur, author of cooking books and gastronomic promoter, and Eva Moreno, creator of TAPERSEX©, a sexologist and expert in erotic play, Hands in the Dough is only for adults.

Well aware that the current pace of life makes it hard to enjoy everyday pleasures, Ada and Eva propose to go back to basics, learning how to prepare basic cuisine and understanding what it brings us and how to prepare it to satisfy our taste.

Kneading dough becomes a way of exercising our sense of touch, discovering our fingers and hands and awakening our sexual desire, learning how to give a good massage to our partners and to make regular sex all the more pleasant.

This two-hour workshop is designed for all kinds of people looking to enjoy two of life’s vital pleasures: food and sex.


— Explanation and practice on how to make bread.

— Explanation and practice on how to make a coca de recapte (traditional Catalan savoury flat bread). Each participant makes his or her own coca with diverse ingredients.

— Participants will follow the instructions of Eva Moreno as she shows how to give an erotic massage, following the body’s contours through the bread dough.

— After finishing the workshop, participants will enjoy the coca de recapte once baked along with a glass of wine.

— Questions and doubts with Ada and Eva about bread and massages.

— Participants will take the bread they have made home with them.

Attention! Workshop + Meal

If interested, this workshop can be accompanied by a full meal, including salad, desserts, wine, water and coffee. In this case the full price will be €50 per person.

Between the lines. Read!

— Confirmation of the day and time of the workshop is conditioned on the availability of Ada and Eva, and the private space at Semproniana.

— The reservation will be confirmed upon receiving payment by bank transfer of the full cost of the workshop.

— Minimum ten people. Smaller groups can reserve this workshop by paying the price of the minimum for ten participants.

— The option of Workshop + Meal will not begin after 1 pm or 8 pm, depending on the meal.

— The option of Workshop + Meal does not include beer or soft drinks, while wine is calculated at one bottle for every three participants.

— Cancellations are accepted up to 48 hours before the workshop is programmed.

Please request your reservation here: semproniana@semproniana.net
Tlf.: 934 531 820.

35€ per taller

Restaurant Semproniana
Rosselló, 148
08036 Barcelona


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