To awaken the curiosity of children for food and get them excited about it, we have a number of different activities we offer to schools. With them we seek to provide schools with tools that are educational, fun and practical, reviving and transmitting our knowledge about food to youngsters. These can be done in the form of workshops, talks and even summer camps.



Our school workshops are run by counsellors trained in education and specializing in cooking, with the goal of arousing children’s curiosity for food through play and practice. All told, they constitute an educational tool for reviving and passing on our food knowledge to young people.

Through a fully practical, experience-based working method, students learn to control their energy, discovering the magic of food transformation, learning to be more familiar with foodstuffs and understanding how what is good for us can also be enjoyed. The goal is to associate pleasure with healthy eating habits.

What do we offer?

— One-hour workshops building knowledge about food for children in all levels of primary and secondary education.

— Talks about food education for parents responsible for children.

— At the end of the school year, we offer a series of children’s workshops to be carried out in summer camps and schools.

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