Sensorial Chat

This is an experimental chat where the participant discovers his or her taste limitations, subject as they are to the senses of sight, hearing and touch.



Is the sense of taste in the tongue? After this chat we will discover how the rest of the senses determine taste perception as aroused by food. By trying, smelling and touching, participants will actively intervene in the session.

To break with the monotonous daily routine of going from home to work and back again, more and more Human Resources departments have asked us to organize activities related to food that are both serious and enjoyable.

With these two ideas in mind, Ada Parellada’s team came up with the Sensorial Chat, an experimental class for after work where participants learn to recognize aromas, smells, flavours and textures, in an friendly, laughter-filled ambience.

Duration: 2 hours

Further information and reservations:

Restaurant Semproniana
Rosselló, 148
08036 Barcelona


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