Ada Parellada and her team organize workshops around the world. Participants include kids, the not so young, adults, groups of friends, business groups, beginners, and those who love cooking. Pick the one you like best and sign up!

Cook summer camp

The next month of july the youngest members of the family will be able to sign up for a unique cooking camp  of the Semproniana restaurant where


Food trainingAda Parellada proposes an ambitious idea for businesses who believe that investing in the well-being of their workers is just as important as investing in new technologies.Practical WorkshopA practical workshop where participants put recipes together. The goal is to bring teams together through cooking.


To awaken the curiosity of children for food and get them excited about it, we have a number of different activities we offer to schools. With them we seek to provide schools with tools that are educational, fun and practical, reviving and transmitting our knowledge about food to youngsters. These can be done in the form of workshops, talks and even summer camps.

Hands in the Dough. Only for groups!

In this workshop we learn to make bread and do erotic massages, sensitising our hands by kneading the bread dough.

Sensorial Chat

This is an experimental chat where the participant discovers his or her taste limitations, subject as they are to the senses of sight, hearing and touch.

The Cooking Case (Collaboration with city councils and other public institutions)

Basic cooking workshops, at any place in Catalonia and without requiring specialised facilities.Designed for children, with the option of adult participation to conciliate cooking and family life.

Mediterranean Cooking Workshop. New!

Practical workshop in English for all foreign visitors interested in finding out more about the foundations of Mediterranean cooking.